Being healthy is its own reward, but on occasion it comes with other perks…like Eclipse Glasses.

On Monday, August 21, 2017 our region will experience one of the biggest US solar eclipse events in the past 40 years.

But watching it with the naked eye isn’t safe.

Looking at the sun directly with the naked eye is dangerous except during the brief totality of the eclipse, when the moon fully blocks out the sun, according to NASA.

The safest way to view the eclipse is with “eclipse glasses,” which use special solar filters. Ordinary sun glasses aren’t safe for looking directly at the sun, according to NASA.

In light of this exciting event, Carlinville Family Healthcare and Girard Family Healthcare are giving away Eclipse Glasses for anyone that comes in for a physical or new patient appointment. This could be for a child’s back-to-school wellness exam, sport’s physical, Medicare wellness exam or even an adult’s annual physical.

To schedule your appointment, call 854-3881. Eclipse Glasses will be available while supplies last.