Carlinville Area Hospital Wins Excellence in Patient Care Award for Room Cleanliness

Carlinville Area Hospital has been chosen to receive an Excellence in Patient Care award given by outcomes firm Studer Group®. The hospital will receive the award which will be presented at the 11th annual What’s Right in Health Care® conference for their exemplary “Room was always clean” results on the HCAHPS patient survey.

“As a team we work hard to maintain a safe, clean and comfortable environment to enhance patient experience and we’re thrilled our work has been recognized at this level. We’re absolutely delighted to have received such a prestigious award.” – Ken Reid, Hospital CEO

“I am extremely proud of my staff. They all work very hard and all deserve equal praise. We take this job very seriously and were really excited when we found out we won this award.”–Judy Eaves, Housekeeping Manager. “Cleanliness of the hospital environment is extremely important to patient safety. Hospital associated infections are a huge problem throughout the country costing billions of dollars and often times detrimental effects on patients, which is why we work extremely hard at maintaining a clean and sanitized healthcare environment . I am very proud of how engaged our team is in making our hospital a safer place for patients.” – Jessica Barkley, Infection Prevention and Quality Improvement Manager.