SafeChx System Installed


On April 7, 2015, the SafeChx system was installed at Carlinville Area Hospital, offering patients advanced medical identity theft protection and efficient patient registration while improving health outcomes and reducing the risk of medical errors. The system is very simple to use, requires very minimal training and has been universally accepted in other health systems. “We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with SafeChx so we can offer advanced patient registration technology to protect patients against medical identity theft and provide a more efficient patient registration process,” stated Jamie Bray, Director of Registration.

SafeChx uses biometric technology to scan a patient’s right index finger. By scanning the patients minutiae points on their right index finger, SafeChx is able to give each patient a unique code that links them to their medical benefits so no one else can use them. All patients will be asked to initially scan their right index finger five times in order to get their unique code, then any returning visit will only require a fast, one time scan to verify. Although voluntary, SafeChx will be offered and encouraged to all patients for use.

SafeChx will also help improve patient outcomes by ensuring that the right patient receives the right care every time they visit our facilities. It is common to see multiple patients with the same name and it would be possible, although unlikely, to pull the incorrect medical file because of the common name. This potential error cannot happen by using the SafeChx system because each patient will be identified and linked to his or her corresponding medical benefits; ensuring the right person receives the right care.