Carlinville Area Hospital Foundation, formally known as Mid-Mac Foundation, is a not-for-profit companion corporation to Carlinville Area Hospital. The purpose of the Foundation is to help support the availability of primary and emergency health care services for those persons living in Carlinville and the surrounding communities.

The Need

Due to the many changes of the Affordable Care Act and rapidly changing medical technology, many rural hospitals will face greater financial challenges. The residents of communities served by Carlinville Area Hospital deserve the availability of a hospital which can meet as many of their needs as possible in a quality, cost-effective and convenient manner.

Ways to Contribute

There are several ways an individual, family, or business/organization can make a contribution to Carlinville Area Hospital Foundation.

Unrestricted/Restricted Contribution
Many donors choose to share a particular personal or business success with the Hospital or Foundation through a contribution. Some choose to give on an annual basis.

Gift of Remembrance
A memorial contribution is a way to remember how a loved one touched the lives of others.

Planned Giving/Bequest
Some donors also choose to make a substantial gift through planned giving or bequests.

The above ways to contribute are recognized on the Maintaining a Healthy Future Recognition Wall in the Main Lobby. The contribution levels are as follows:

Contribution Levels Contribution
 Donor  $1-$999
 Bronze  $1K-$4,999
 Silver  $5K-$9,999
 Gold  $10K-$19,999
 Platinum  $20K-$49,999
 Major  $50K-$99,999
 Sustaining  $100K-$249,999
 Leadership  $250,000 and up


Trust Fund Contribution
In order to ensure that the health care needs of those persons in the Carlinville area will be met for years to come, the Carlinville Area Hospital Association Trust Fund was established in 1987. Contributions to the Trust Fund are invested by the CNB Bank & Trust, N.A., and only the interest earned is used to support services provided by the Hospital.

Trust Fund Contribution Levels Contribution Gifts
 Friend  Gifts of $50 to $249
 Patron  Gifts of $250 to $999
 Sponsor  Gifts of $1,000 or more


The cumulative contributions levels that are restricted for the Trust Fund are recognized on the Trust Fund Recognition Wall in the Main Lobby. The contribution levels are as follows:

Trust Fund Cumulative Contribution Levels Contribution
 Patron  $250 to $999
 Sponsor  $1,000 to $1,999
 Contributor  $2,000 to $4,999
 Benefactor  $5,000 or more


We sincerely appreciate your gift which will help perpetuate support for the health care services necessary to meet the needs of those living in the Carlinville Area communities.

If you are interested in making a contribution to Carlinville Area Hospital and/or Foundation, please contact Jamie Bray at 217-854-3868 or donate online below.


Enter amount:Donation Details:We will send an acknowledgement letter for tax purposes. Thank you for your generosity!

Board of Directors

Richard Walden

Vice Chairman
James Ashworth

Charlene Genta

Tammy Dugan

Greg Boente
Steven Boente, DMD
Chad Bowker
Jamie Bray, Executive Director
Brent Davis
Tom Denby
Michelle Dyer
Katie Goodman-Thomas
John Lanzerotte
Susan LeVora
Ralph March
Dennis Pickrel
Mary Jo Reichmann
Edward Tawfall
Kenneth G. Reid, President/CEO, Ex-Officio
J. Richard Schien, CAHA, Ex-Officio