Hospital Receives Auxiliary Donation to Improve Patient Care

The Carlinville Area Hospital Auxiliary donated funds to both the Laboratory and Radiology Departments allowing them to purchase new technology to better patient care.

The Lab was able to purchase The Clinitek Advantus Analyzer, which evaluates urine samples. Urinalysis is used to detect and access a wide range of health disorders, including urinary tract infection, kidney disease, and diabetes. Although the hospital already had a similar analyzer, the new device is more up-to-date providing more accurate results.

The Radiology Department purchased the Powerlook Advanced Mammography Platform (AMP), which is the next generation in digital mammography. This new technology provides a computerized second review of both screening and diagnostic mammograms. This “second” or closer look allows radiologists to recognize subtle changes in breast tissue that could require a more thorough examination to confirm the presence of cancer. PowerLook AMP provides improved workflow for mammography centers by enabling a radiologist to more quickly identify and review areas of concern and work more efficiently.

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