Teri Gillock

Now, cancer is only part of my story.

Their team has been a godsend.

I’m a nurse by trade, a wife of 21 years, a mother of three, a “gigi” to three, and I’m a two-time breast cancer survivor. I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 and was treated with a lumpectomy and radiation. For years everything was fine. Then, in January 2021, I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and complete reconstruction. I was also treated with chemotherapy and infusions that continue to this day. Those treatments take place locally at Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics.

“When Teri called me the second time, I remember thinking, ‘I can’t believe this is all happening again.’ That’s probably the longest five miles I’ve ever driven in my life, to come home and think, ‘We’ve got to face this again.’ The care that Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics provided was second to none. They got us back on the road to recovery, happy and healthy again.” — Mark Gillock

Complications from my reconstruction resulted in a severe infection, which landed me in the ER. At the time, I thought I was a little dehydrated, so I went to Carlinville expecting to receive some IV fluids and planned to be on my way back home. It ended up being a lot more serious, and I’m so thankful for the ER team who cared for me. They triaged me quickly. They had me on fluids to help with my low blood pressure. They had tests and labs ordered within minutes and they really were on top of things; they were very diligent in treating my sepsis. I was critical when I came into the ER, but the staff was very fast working. They literally saved my life.

Fast forward several months and I’m back to enjoying my family, working, and feeling well. And the ongoing treatments I receive at Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics make it easier to get the care I need and quickly get back to life. From scheduling to reception, infusions to imaging, physical therapy to housekeeping, everything about Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics is fantastic. I’m treated like a rock star. They’re wonderful people with a wonderful process. They are very patient. They are willing to help in any aspect of care. As I’m walking to an outpatient room on the med-surg floor for a dressing change, housekeeping even stops me to make sure I am well taken care of. Do I need a glass of water? Do I know where I’m going? They are amazing.

The care I’ve received from Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics has been a godsend. Being local, you get fast care. I don’t have to drive out of town every three weeks for treatments or to get labs drawn; I go right here to our local hospital – they take care of my health and I quickly get back to my life. Cancer may be a part of my story, but I’m much more than that now. And I’m grateful to the entire team at Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics for the expert care they have provided and their continued commitment to my health.

— Teri Gillock

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