CAH&C Presents at National Conference

Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics was honored to be invited to share the success of the organization's Human Resources Recalibration at the esteemed National Rural Health Association’s Annual Conference held in Kansas City, MO. Brian Burnside, CAH&C President & CEO and Tracy Koster, COO presented Recalibration: Our Story of Overcoming Recruitment and Retention Needs During a Challenging Time to rural health leaders from all over the nation.

The presentation explored the national healthcare staffing crisis and how Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics took a relatively different approach to recruiting and retaining its team. The organization rebuilt and various enhancements were made in the best interest of CAH&C’s teammates and their families. Every part of CAH&C’s Human Resources strategies was re-imagined ranging from Benefit Structures, Wage Scales, Work-life Balance, and Career Development. The impact has been a true culture shift of employee dedication and efforts toward achieving CAH&C’s strategic goals.

The organization’s efforts were measured through employee surveys and tracking of employee turnover rates. In the Fall of 2022, CAH&C partnered with Press Ganey to conduct an employee engagement survey. CAH&C had a 95% participation rate and scored in the top 10% of all hospitals in the country for overall employee engagement. “I would recommend this organization as a good place to work” received 0% unfavorable responses. All employees agreed that they would recommend CAH&C as a good place to work. This is reflected in the annual turnover rate of the organization. For the calendar year 2022, the turnover rate for CAH&C was 11%.

The accomplishments of Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinics are something to celebrate during Rural Health Day this November 16th as the organization keeps accessible health care, local to our communities.

Posted in News on Nov 16, 2023