Official Hospital Statement

November 20, 2023 - Last night, there was an incident involving law enforcement on Carlinville Area Hospital & Clinic (CAH&C) property. The Carlinville Police Department initiated a traffic stop on the hospital’s parking lot of a male suspect driving a reportedly stolen vehicle. Subsequently, an officer-involved shooting took place in the hospital’s parking lot after threatening actions were taken by the suspect. This matter is currently under investigation by Illinois State Police. No hospital staff or patients were involved in the incident as it occurred in the hospital’s parking lot. Hospital Security put the facility on lockdown and appropriate protocols were initiated. The suspect received medical attention at the hospital and was transported to a regional facility. “The CAH&C team is in full cooperation with Carlinville Police Department and Illinois State Police in their investigation of the events that took place on CAH&C property”, stated CAH&C’s President/CEO, Brian Burnside. “Most importantly, we are thankful that our staff and patients remained safe during this incident. The hospital team performed very well through the challenging circumstances both during and after the incident. We are grateful to the officer and Carlinville Police Department for their ongoing efforts to provide protection to the CAH&C team and its patients.”

Posted in News on Nov 20, 2023