Rapid Response Team

Our focus is patients first and quality always. Carlinville Area Hospital understands that you and your family know you best. Our Rapid Response is an effort to address the needs of our patients and their families in case of an emergency or when the patient or their family feel urgent attention is necessary.

Rapid Response Team (RRT)

When there is a perception of a significant change in your condition or the condition of your loved one, or if “something just doesn’t seem right,” a Rapid Response Team (RRT ) can be summoned. Our RRT consists of an emergency department physician, emergent care nurse, respiratory therapist and nursing supervisor.

When to call the RRT

If you’ve already spoken to your nurse or physician and you still feel as though the condition is worsening and/or you haven’t gotten the response needed, call the RRT on an in-house phone. Let our operator know you wish to call the RRT.

Call 555 for Rapid Response if you’re still concerned

You or your family member can call the Rapid Response Team by dialing 555 on a hospital telephone. Once called, the RRT will respond within approximately 5 minutes to quickly assess the patients concerning decline in condition and, if necessary, to start interventions to prevent a medical emergency.