Emergency Department

Emergency Department

CH7409(1of1)Carlinville Area Hospital offers a 24-hour Emergency Department staffed with emergency medicine physicians and nurses that are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Pediatric Life Support, which enables them to provide care for patients of all ages with any illness or injury. These physicians also act as Hospitalist physicians, which mean they can admit and care for patients who do not have a physician that regularly admits patients at the Hospital. Staff physicians may also elect to use the Hospitalists to assist in managing the care of their own admitted patients.

“Stat Heart” Program

Carlinville Area Hospital continues teaming up with the Prairie Heart Program, which is the largest heart program in Illinois, and the Springfield Clinic Stat MI program to insure that patients suffering from the worst type of heart attack will receive emergency heart care as fast as patients receive such care in larger urban areas. The program identifies, treats and transfers acute heart attack patients to a cardiac cath lab in less than 120 minutes after arriving in Carlinville Area Hospital’s emergency department.

“Stat Stroke” Program

Designated Acute Stroke Ready Hospital (ASRH) from the Illinois Department of Public Health. “Emergent Stroke Ready Hospital” means the hospital has a direct phone connection with a neurologist at one or more larger Primary Stroke or Comprehensive Hospitals within the state. To receive designation, hospitals must measure their outcomes and times to treatment and are subject to random inspections by the state.

In addition, as a Get With The Guidelines–Stroke participating hospital, Carlinville Area Hospital has developed a comprehensive system for providing rapid diagnosis and treatment of stroke when patients are admitted to the emergency department. This includes always being equipped to provide brain-imaging scans, making neurologists available to conduct patient evaluations and using clot-busting medications when appropriate.

In a Medical Emergency Dial 911

To contact Carlinville Area Hospital’s Emergency Department, dial 217-854-3141, ext. 300.